Stories and Traditions

For a long time the Sicilian folk traditions, the fruit of a millenary culture and the use of a common language, have remained alive, more in the countries than in the big cities. These traditions have led over the centuries to the development of those characteristics that outline Sicilianity.
Many authors have often remarked a common behavioural trait of Sicilians: the high sense of family, the attachment to their land, the theatricality of gestures and acts and also the sense of welcome and hospitality. The popular Sicilian traditions are numerous and multiform, since there are many different colonizations, which have enriched the Sicilian culture making it unique and captivating.
A fundamental part of the Sicilian tradition concerns the oral stories: from cunti (stories), fairy tales, proverbs, to the tongue twister.
Even the festivals, both secular and religious, are of great importance within Sicilian folklore. Among the lay festivity we can mention the Carnival, among the most representative religious ones we remember, for example, that of Santa Rosalia in Palermo or that of Our Lady of the Letter to Messina.
Last but not least, the cuisine, whose tradition accompanies all the other aspects of the island’s culture: a complex and articulated culture, that shows traces and contributions of all the cultures that have settled in Sicily in the last two millennia. The list of typical products is very long. Virtually every municipality has its own specialty and also the names of the same foods vary from area to area. In this section, we want to tell you about Sicily, through its history, its traditions, to bring you into contact with its soul.

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