Between the Gulf of Macari, the Zingaro Reserve and the Gulf of Castellammare rises San Vito Lo Capo, a beautiful town in the province of Trapani. The golden sand and the crystal water of its sea earned it the title of the most beautiful beach in Italy in 2011, enhancing a territory rich in natural beauty and magnificent itineraries. But this isn’t over! The whole area, in fact, is also famous for its many cultural influences, which have given rise to a culinary tradition without equal. Among the most famous dishes, the absolute protagonist is couscous, celebrated with a special festival during the last week of September: the Cous Cous Festival.

It is a culinary event, organized for the first time in 1998 with the aim of spreading throughout the Italian territory this typical Sicilian dish and well known in the Maghreb area. From that moment until today the Cous Cous Festival have been confirmed as an event of cultural integration and the cous cous has become a symbol of peace.

Cous Cous Festival: flavors and civilization in comparison

The aim of the event is to celebrate a traditional dish of the Mediterranean area and to transform it into a sign of acceptance and multiculturalism. A food and wine event that has made San Vito Lo Capo the capital of cous cous. The event welcomes the most important starred chefs, as well as enthusiasts from all over the world, who present their own recipe and compare themselves on the ingredients, wrapped in a multi-ethnic atmosphere and encouraged by an increasingly numerous audience. This is how, through the cous cous, different peoples and traditions come into contact in a magical place of total aggregation.

Challenges of cuisine, tastings, cooking shows and various other shows are the protagonists of the Festival week, whose motto this year will be “Make cous cous not walls”. Now in its 22nd edition, it will take place from 20 to 29 September in Piazza del Santuario, the scene of the two phases of the food and wine challenge: the Italian Cous Cous Championship and the Cous Cous World Championship. A technical jury and a popular one will be called to select the chef who will be part of the Italian team, followed by the award for the best cous cous in the world to one of the teams from ten different countries.

Tasting points and cultural events

Many recipes to choose from will be offered in the gastronomic village, the four Houses of Cous Cous located in different areas of the town. More than thirty recipes based on vegetables, meat and fish, also available in the gluten-free version, will make the choice even richer, to satisfy all tastes.

But the Cous Cous Festival is also the festival of music, cinema, cabaret and talk shows. On the wonderful beach of San Vito Lo Capo every night will be on stage concerts and free shows, with exceptional guests not to be missed.

Moreover, in the main streets of the town, you can walk inside a colorful market of flavors and perfumes, where you can find handmade items and culinary delicacies of excellent quality.

Food passion, cultural exchange and desire to party, are the main ingredients of the Cous Cous Festival of San Vito Lo Capo: a week in the name of a love of tradition.