Risotto with saffron pistils

pot broth for risotto
meat broth for risotto
saffron pistils
Onion for the risotto
broth ladle for risotto with saffron pistils
grated grana padano cheese

Everybody likes a classic risotto, but I suggest you to give it an aesthetic added value, using saffron pistils. A good risotto with saffron should be cooked with the meat stock, but to speed up the time getting a good result, you can prepare a classic vegetable broth. In any case, saffron risotto is an excellent variant of the classic yellow risotto. A typical autumn dish, to be enjoyed watching the trees changing colors and the leaves detach from the branches and fall on the ground.

Ingredients for the risotto (for 4 people)

• 350 g of carnaroli rice
• 6/10 saffron pistils per person (they are about 0,15 g of pistils)
• 125 g of butter
• 150 g of grana padano
• Half an onion
• Half a glass of white wine

Ingredients for the meat broth

• 1 ox bone with mallow
• 1 kg of meat for broth
• Celery (as necessary)
• Carrots (as necessary)
•Onions (as necessary)
• 2 cloves
• 4 grain of pepper
• 6 l of water
• Salt (as necessary)


1. First, prepare the broth. Peel carrots, onion and celery and place them in a large pot, together with the meat and bone with the marrow. Add the cloves, the pepper grains, 3 l of water and cook for about an hour. Then, add the other 3 l of water and cook for another 2 hours.
2. Filter the broth, so as to divide the meat, and salt it. At this point the broth will be ready to be used for cooking the risotto.
3. Let the broth cool slightly and pour a ladle in a cup. Add the saffron pistils, leaving them in infusion, covering the cup, for about 40 minutes or an hour.
4. Go back to the preparation of the risotto. Chop the onion and brown it in half of the butter. As soon as it has withered, pour the rice, let it toast and let it evaporate.
5. Add a ladle of broth, stirring until the rice has absorbed and continuing until cooked.
6. Add the infusion of broth and saffron with all the pistils, immediately extinguishing the fire because the pistils do not have to cook, since with the heat they lose their organoleptic characteristics. Stir with grana padano and the remaining butter.
After you have left it with the lid on for a few minutes, you can serve your risotto with saffron pistils still hot.