Traditional Recipes

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Cacio cheese “all’argentiera”
The cacio cheese all'argentiera is a dish invented by a silversmith from Palermo. It is said... Read More 0
In Sicily the brioches has the tuppo

In Sicily the bun is called tuppo and the cap of this celestial brioche looks like…

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Sicilian Arancine

Known all over the world from the beautiful island, the Sicilian arancine are confirmed as one…

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Sicilian cassata baked in the oven

Indice degli argomenti Where is cassata come from? Ingredients (for a baking pan of 24cm of…

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The Sicilian panelle are nothing more than pancakes of chickpea flour, served inside the typical Sicilian…

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Aubergine Caponata (A Capunata ri Milinciani)

In this way Vincenzo Mortillaro, Marquis of Villarena, in his New Sicilian-Italian Dictionary of 1853 tells…

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Potato Gateau or… u grattò chi patati

In the south of Italy it is called gattò. In Sicilian dialect is also called u…

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U gelu li muluni: the summer prince

A dessert from Palermo When it comes time to prepare the sicilian dessert called gelu I…

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Pipi ammuttunati, or stuffed peppers

Recycling cuisine The most fragrant, colourful and beautiful vegetables of summer are peppers. They have very…

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