Creative Recipes

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Our section Creative Recipes is managed by Barbara Corleo, a fantastic cook and much more. Barbara was born in Mazara del Vallo, the first European fishing port and has always breathed the sea. She graduated in law and is qualified to practice as a lawyer who, by choice, no longer practises. After working for eight years in the legal area of the University of Milan, she now lives in Sicily and she is responsible for Placement Services and Business Relations at the University of Palermo.

Barbara is a force of nature. She is an overactive and busy woman on several fronts: family, work, love for animals and rights, which lead her to volunteer and to put her knowledge and skills at the service of the weakest. But her greatest passion remains cooking, a passion that was transmitted to her by her mother and her grandparents. Barbara is always looking for ingredients to get the inspiration from.

The skill of Barbara in the kitchen has not gone unnoticed. Over the years she has successfully participated in several cooking contests. For example, on November 7, 2015, Barbara participated in the contest #Planetafoodchallenge, organized by Planeta after the publication of the book “Sicily. La cucina di casa Planeta”, written by Elisa Menduni. In this contest, with more than 100 recipes in competition, she was ranked second on the recipe of Arancina di spaghettoni in crema di patate e vongole veraci (Arancina of spaghettoni in cream of potatoes and clams).