The cuisine is an integral part of the culture of a territory. With its traditional and modern recipes, typical dishes and spices rich in scents, Sicilian cuisine is an explosion of tradition and innovation. It has been developed in Sicily since ancient times and closely linked to the succession of historical, cultural and religious events of the island.

Complex and articulated, Sicilian cuisine is often considered the richest in specialties and the most spectacular in Italy. You can start to discover new dishes and enjoy the food and wine specialities of every small town. Even if in the whole the food character is unified, Sicilian cuisine is characterized by the association of specific dishes to the corresponding areas or localities to which they are delimited. For this reason, the same recipe becomes almost impossible to find when moving to another part of the island. In most cases these are variations of the same regional recipe. Sometimes, however, these dishes have a preparation and marketing detected only in their original area.

In this section, we provide you with the best recipes of Sicilian cuisine, from traditional to creative ones, easy to prepare and to be enjoyed with your families and your friends.


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