Modicano Chocolate | Coffee – CASALINDOLCI

Modicano Chocolate | Coffee – CASALINDOLCI


Sicilian excellence, owes its uniqueness to its grainy and crumbly texture and a rough, almost rough
appearance, which preserves intact all the characteristics of cocoa. A unique flavor that brings with
it the charm and suggestion of traditions and civilisations far away in time and history. Still today
this modican delicacy is the result of a method of artisanal preparation: the ground cocoa seeds are
heated and mixed with granulated sugar and spices. The resulting compound is kept at a
temperature (max 40°) such that the sugar crystals are not dissolved and are kept intact so as to give
it the characteristic granular consistency. The whole is then amalgamated with a refiner, a
modern“metate”, which recalls the curved stone resting on two horizontal bases used by the preColumbian populations. This type of processing, known as“cold, without the addition of butter or
other vegetable fats, enables the characteristics of the cocoa to be preserved unchanged by
eliminating the phase of which could make some original fragrances disappear. When the Spaniards
landed in the New World, they imported a number of new food items that were previously unknown
in Europe, including the first cocoa beans. During their domination in Sicily, in the 16th century,
they introduced the processing of chocolate in Modica County, then the largest and richest in the
Kingdom of Sicily.
Size: 50 gr




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