Chocolate with Sesame of Ispica – “Homemade” – Ciomod

Chocolate with Sesame of Ispica – “Homemade” – Ciomod


Chocolate bar with Ispica sesame
Pack of 50 g.
Ingredients: Nacional monorigin Ecuador cocoa mass, brown sugar, toasted Ispica sesame (8%).
Minimum cocoa content: 65%
Chocolate bar with Ispica sesame
In our sesame chocolate, made entirely by hand with the precious Ecuador monoriginal Nacional
cocoa, we find the echo of the influence of Arab domination, which has left its mark in many
aspects of life in our Sicily. ispica, in the province of Ragusa, has always been an important
agricultural centre, especially thanks to the presence of water. Here there is a very particular and
ancient production, introduced in Sicily by the Arab domination: that of sesame, a small seed with
an intense taste, which characterizes many recipes typical of Sicilian cuisine. The spicy variety of
sesame, now a slow food defender, was selected two centuries ago by the farmers of the area and is
characterized by a small seed, amber color and intense flavor.
A Mediterranean flavor for a bar of chocolate made unmistakable by the pleasantly crunchy texture
of sesame.
Energy value 2324 KJ / 559,55 kcal
Fat 39,08 G.
Of which saturated 21,79 G.
Carbohydrates 36,25 G.
Of which sugars 26.60 G.
Protein 10,52 G.
Salt 0,19 G.
May contain traces of nuts, milk and dairy products. It contains sesame seeds.


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