Chocolate with late Mandarin of Ciaculli – “Homemade” – Ciomod

Chocolate with late Mandarin of Ciaculli – “Homemade” – Ciomod


Chocolate bar with late Mandarin of Ciaculli
Pack of 50 g.
Ingredients: Nacional monorigin Ecuador cocoa mass, cane sugar, late mandarin peels of powdered
Ciaculli (5%).
Minimum cocoa content: 60%
Chocolate bar with late tangerine of Ciaculli
A selection of the precious Nacional Monorigin Ecuador cocoa meets the fresh and delicate flavor
of late tangerine from Ciaculli. This is how our bar of chocolate is created entirely by hand, from
the processing to the final wrapping. The late tangerine of Ciaculli was born in the ’40s, in Sicily,
from a spontaneous mutation. Its name derives from the fact that it is a fruit that ripens later than the
other mandarins, from January to March.It stands out for its very few seeds, for its sweetness and
for being very juicy. The late Mandarin was born and grows in the Conca D’oro, a plain that, until
the middle of the last century, was a single large garden that surrounded the city of Palermo: an
enchanted and fruitful place, of which poets and travellers wrote, meeting place of cultures and
civilizations. Despite in the last fifty years the cultivated land has been drastically reduced, the late
Mandarin, slow food garrison, today is the most prestigious production of the consortium that
brings together 65 small farmers.
Our Sicily still smells of citrus.
Energy 2134 KJ / 512.68 kcal
Fat 32,41 G.
Of which saturated 19.44 G.
Carbohydrates 42,40 G.
Of which sugars 35,20 G.
Protein 8,44 G.
Salt 0,19 G.
May contain traces of nuts, milk and milk products.


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