Chocolate with Fior di Sale from Trapani – “Homemade” – Ciomod

Chocolate with Fior di Sale from Trapani – “Homemade” – Ciomod


Chocolate bar with flower of salt of Trapani
Pack of 50 g.
Ingredients: Nacional monorigin Ecuador cocoa mass, cane sugar, salt from Trapani (0.3%).
Minimum cocoa content: 60%
Chocolate bar with Fior di Sale of Trapani
Sea water, sun and wind.
These are the essential elements for the birth of salt. In front of the coast of Trapani, in an area
between Trapani, Paceco and Marsala, the first salt pans are born in the known history, by the
Phoenicians. Salt is produced during the summer, when the torrid Sicilian sun becomes an essential
ingredient for the production of this type of salt, which is characterized by its white colour and
persistent crystals. Compared to other salts, that of Trapani contains more potassium, magnesium
and a lower amount of sodium chloride. Still today, the salt of Trapani is produced with ancient
craft processes, preferring natural processes and avoiding treatments not indispensable. For our line,
the salt of Trapani, which has been recognized the PGI mark as well as slow food garrison, marries
a selection of valuable Nacional Monorigin Ecuador cocoa to give life to a bar of chocolate that
contains the contrasts and essence of Sicily.
Energy 2194 KJ / 526.95 kcal
Fat 32.40 G.
Of which saturated 19.44 G.
Carbohydrates 46,09 G.
Of which sugars 38,89 G.
Protein 8,40 G.
Salt 0,48 G.
May contain traces of nuts, milk and dairy products.


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