Chocolate flavoured with Wild Thyme – “Homemade” – Ciomod

Chocolate flavoured with Wild Thyme – “Homemade” – Ciomod


Chocolate bar with wild thyme
Pack of 50 g.
Ingredients: Nacional monorigin Ecuador cocoa mass refined with wild thyme (10%), brown sugar.
Minimum cocoa content: 70%
Chocolate bar with wild thyme
Wild thyme, also called Satra, has a story that gets lost in the mists of time. Satra is an aromatic
plant endemic to the Mediterranean which, with its lilac flowers and a scent that vaguely reminds
that of wild oregano, has always been used for its antiseptic properties. The Greeks believed that it
gave courage and fire, the Romans used it as a painkiller and were the first to use it in the kitchen,
in the Middle Ages it was donated to the knights as it was believed to protect during battles. It
became a symbol of strength and courage and today Satra is mainly used in cooking and is known
for its antibacterial properties. In Iblei the plant, with its millenary and sacred history, vegetates well
in the sandy and sunny soils, better if exposed to salt. For our bars, the precious National Monorigin
Ecuador cocoa is refined with Satra, which, thanks to this processing process, gradually releases its
perfume and its aromatic notes.
The result is a chocolate with an enveloping and persistent taste. Energy value 2247 KJ / 540,59
Fat 35,04 G.
Of which saturated 20.62 G.
Carbohydrates 40,27 G.
Of which sugars 26,98 G.
Proteins 9,74 G.
Salt 0,20 G.
May contain traces of nuts, milk and dairy products.


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