Arauca – Bean To Bar – “Homemade” – Ciomod

Arauca – Bean To Bar – “Homemade” – Ciomod


Chocolate bar made from cocoa obtained by the stone refining of cocoa beans in our laboratory
Pack of 50 g.
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, brown sugar.
Minimum cocoa content: 70%
Bar of chocolate arauca
Arauca is one of the 32 Colombian administrative regions, whose territory develops on the border
with Venezuela. The Arauca region has been severely affected by the Colombian armed conflict and
has been occupied militarily for decades by two groups of FARC and ELN guerrillas. With the
peace process the tension is decreasing and alternatives to the production of coca leaves are being
sought, first and foremost cocoa. In Arauca there are many families that have been dependent solely
on cocoa for over three generations. Among them, Elisabeth Agudelo, who has experienced the
Colombian conflict, has created a model of cocoa production with a high quality product. Elisabeth
knows cocoa in all its aspects and her mission is to offer a unique cocoa: a true leader who works
and conveys her effort to ensure the rebirth of her land. The cocoa beans that we have selected are
characterized by sweetness and spikes of pleasant fruity acidity, with hints of honey and flowers.
Energy value 2336 KJ / 561.85 kcal
Fat 38.50 G.
Of which saturated 14.00 G.
Carbohydrates 41,06 G.
Of which sugars 29,86 G.
Proteins 9.10 G.
Salt 0,17 G.


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