Vino Lauria

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Azienda Vino Lauria is located in the heart of Sicily, rooted in its lands, its history, its moods and
flavors, far from the stereotypes that affect the most fertile Italian island, known for its strong and
decisive wines. Vino lauria weaves a family tradition, which has lasted for many generations, with a
contemporary wisdom and refined in the art of wine making. Moreover, it is born from a deep and
capillary knowledge of Sicilian soils, as well as from the creative capacity to arrive at happy (and
never dared) combinations between the grapes. Towards balance and lightness, beyond the
insistence of certain notes too typical of wine in southern Italy.
At the heart of the company, Vito Lauria who, graduated in enology and viticulture, draws on
domestic knowledge as to the value of his specialization. The gestures of care that his grandfather
had for wine, are actualized within a careful, organic, conscious production, able to meet a varied,
international taste, evolving.
Clay land for the reds, calcareous land for the whites, sweet and breezy hills around Alcamo, not far
from Palermo. Azienda Vino Lauria is the result of a loving look at its origins, to explore and
reinterpret its richness and peculiarities. A look that goes beyond rhetoric, to find innovative and
true products.