Valle del Grano

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Valle del grano, the granary of the Republic

Valle del Grano was born from the love for nature and the land of Sicily of the Miritello family, who knew how to hand down the noble art of cultivation from father to son. Since the end of the nineteenth century, in fact, the Miritellos have lavished on the processing of durum wheat, accumulating the experience and the skills necessary to make them some of the major producers of durum wheat in the Sicilian hinterland. Furthermore, their growth was possible also thanks to the continuous investments for the purchase of land. Finally, in 1950 the Valle del Grano company was born. Catenanuova is the native town, a municipality in the province of Enna and the warmest in Europe. Initially, it is an individual company managed by Salvatore Miritello, the forefather. He, with deep passion and extreme dedication, deals with the cultivation of durum wheat in the lands that, at the time of the Romans, had been renamed the granary of the Republic. Beginning in 1980, his son Prospero, also extended the crops to those of the olive groves. Today Salvatore Massimiliano, son of Prospero and grandson of the founder, continues the mission of his father and grandfather, taking care of the company through the development of areas dedicated to the cultivation of wheat and the care of products for trade.