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A family history

That of Tùdia is a family story, set in the hills of the Sicilian hinterland, in the heart of the
Madonie. It is a passionate tale of true and simple flavors, characterized by that enthusiasm typical
of those who have discovered corners of an unknown land. The story begins in 1965, when the
Tùdia family brought to light a country farm, surrounded by the beauty of the Sicilian land. From
this moment on, the family has approached the far and forgotten world of agriculture, falling in love
immediately.The warmth of the sun on the skin, the noise of the wind in the trees, the miracle of the
birth of a fruit from care and attention, as well as the pride of bringing to the table the product of
their work: these are absolutely essential experiences.
What distinguishes Tùdia is the respect for those rites of peasant culture, which have now
disappeared. These are those traditional gestures typical of grandmothers, who, with love and care,
prepared the preserves, passing on the methods of processing. For this reason, Tùdia define
themselves as guardians of a lost genuineness, of ancient recipes revisited, with unexpected
combinations. The result is a simple, good and sincere cuisine, like life.
Tudia’s job
Since 1965, the Tùdia family has been growing fruit and vegetables for gourmets to serve in the
form of delicious recipes. On clay-limestone soils, rich in potassium, the company applies with care
and dedication the methods of traditional agriculture, without the use of herbicides, pesticides and
synthetic chemical fertilizers. The rotation with lentils and wheat makes the harvest more tasty,
juicy and with a high health and nutritional value. In addition, fruit and vegetables arrive in the
laboratory fresh, freshly harvested, to be processed in the day.
The Siccagno tomato is the prince of recipes. The arid land of central Sicily, between Villalba and
Valle del Bilìci, enriches it with antioxidants (lycopene) and vitamins A and C. The Tùdia have
chosen to cultivate it because, rich in pulp and poor in water, it makes the juices tasty, full-bodied,
sweet and true.
The company’s production concerns the large ready-to-pour Sicilian sauces on the pasta, prepared
with only Siccagno tomatoes and ingredients grown on the farm’s land. It is not a job, but a life
choice. People who work on the farm have decided to follow a dream: women, mothers, wives,
people who are kind and with values. The decision to give women greater visibility came from a
very simple thought. Indeed, a mother will always put the authenticity of the food she offers her
children first. So, the products are designed for all working mothers who, on their way home, do not
have the time to cook, but do not want to deprive their family of a good and healthy dish.
The products of the company, therefore, are prepared for all those who want to rediscover the taste
of Sundays from their grandmother even far from home.