Terre di Shemir

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Mediterranean all around
The Mediterranean represents the soul and essence of the products of Terre di Shemir, a company
all Sicilian located in the hills between Trapani and Marsala. The sweetness of the territory, as well
as the beauty and fruitfulness of these places, form the backdrop to a Sicilian area rich in traditions
and culture.
The company name pays tribute to the ancient roots of its land. During the Middle Ages, Sicily was
inhabited by Arab peoples, who helped to make the island the heart of Mediterranean trade with
Greeks and Phoenicians. For this reason, still today, Sicily offers extraordinary and unique products
in the world, whose enhancement is a real mission for Terre di Shamir.
The land of the company stretches a few steps from Guarrato, in the province of Trapani and very
close to the sea, and are very fertile. Soil, climate and sea air transmit to the products of Terre di
Shamir a particular vitality and a light that possess only the best fruits of the Mediterranean.