Terre di Gratia

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Farmers since generation
Always a family that cultivates the land, with passion and culture, innovation and tradition. Since
1934 they call it Azienda and since 2005 Terre di Gratia. Two brothers with a goal: to express,
through their products, the magic of the Sicilian territory and spread it all over the world. They
grow only native vines, from which they obtain unexpected and exciting wines. Moreover, the
olives give life to an extra virgin olive oil that enriches any dish, while the pomegranates capture
the rays of the sun of Sicily to be transformed into a nectar rich in natural antioxidants. The
company produces strictly in biological, transforming solar energy and using natural packaging and,
where possible, recycled. This is to protect the Sicilian territory and the whole planet.
Terre di Gratia: there is Sicily inside
The history of the company began in 1934, with the great-great-grandfather Ciro Sciortino and his
four sons. They acquired the feud of Torretta, in which they had worked for many years as
sharecroppers. Under the push of the brothers Sciortino, the farm Torretta grows and develops, the
immense expanses of wheat are interspersed with vineyards and olive groves and cultivated with
mules, the tractors of the era. The great-grandfather Vincenzo, the most active among the four
children, develops the cultivation of the vine, transforming the grapes into wine and selling the
product on the local markets. These were strong wines, spirits that conserved all the energy of the
sun of the Sicilian hinterland.
Later, in 1950 his only daughter, Grazia, married a young landowner, tempered by the Sicilian sun,
named Rosario (Sasà for friends). So, the farm is still growing, it is working well, with a lot of
effort: 100 hectares are a lot nowadays, let alone in those times!
And it is precisely the passion for the work that is inherited by Gaspare and Rosario Triolo, the
current owners of the company. They grew up in Palermo and graduated in agriculture, later the two
young entrepreneurs have returned to the field to give new life to the family business, modernizing
it and inserting it in a new productive context, which closes the supply chain and is proposed on
international markets. The rediscovery of indigenous varieties forgotten (such as Perricone) the
strictly organic production, the use of renewable energies and natural materials for packaging, make
Terre di Gratia a modern and sustainable company.