Terrazze dell’Etna

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Nature and love for the land
The winery Terrazze dell’Etna was founded in 2008, when the Bevilacqua family decided to start
cultivating the old terraces of the district Bocca d’Orzo, located in the northern slope of Etna,
between 600 and 950 meters. Today the land consists of 36 hectares of vineyards, olive groves,
chestnut, cherry and oak woods.
The Bevilacqua family, animated by a deep passion for this atypical Sicilian land, has been focused
since the beginning in the production of wines of excellence. It concerns the cultivation of
indigenous grape varieties of Etna, such as Nerello Mascalese and Cappuccio, as well as other ones
of international character, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Petit verdot. In particular, the
Nerello Mascalese is the protagonist of the winery, while the older trees (over 60 years old) give life
to the Cirneco, that is the Etna Rosso. Instead, the younger vineyards produce the rosé Etna Doc,
the Carusu, a young Etna Doc that traces the history of the red wines of Etna, and the Ciuri, a
unique wine, given by the white vinification of Nerello Mascalese.
Finally, two sparkling wines are produced from the international grape varieties Metodo Classico
and two Rossi IGT Sicilia. The first two are the Cuvée Brut, a blanc de blanc from Chardonnay
grapes, and the Brut Rosée, a blend of Pinot Noir and Nerello Mascalese. The two Rossi IGT
Sicilia, on the other hand, are the Cratere, which links the Petit Verdot to the autochthonous Nerello
Mascalese, and the Pinot Noir, the undisputed father of vines.