Tenute Lombardo

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More than half a century of enthusiasm
Tenute Lombardo, the result of the work of Giuseppe and his sons Salvatore, Gianfranco and
Roberto, was born from the deep love for the land and its fruits. The cultivations of the family
vineyards extend between Caltanissetta and San Cataldo, between 550 and 650 m, in extremely
favorable climatic conditions. Since 2006, thanks to the excellent quality of the wines produced, the
Lombardo brothers decide to complete the production cycle, aiming to transform the estates into a
reference company in the production of wine in the center of Sicily.
In 2013 Lombardo renovated an old farmhouse, Sua Altezza, which today represents the most
important estate. The wine exhibition takes place in the ancient millstones, while the tastings are
carried out in the apartments, from which it is possible to admire a wonderful panorama. It is the
wonderful area of the Madonie, surrounded by beautiful unspoilt nature. To the north-east rises the
Pizzo Carbonara (1979 meters above sea level), to the north-west the Camarata mountain (1,578
meters above sea level), while to the south stretches the sea of Licata.
Today the company carries out all the activities of processing grapes: vinification, refinement of
wines in French oak barrels, bottling and production of sparkling wines through charmat method. In
addition, given the increasing demand for wines, the Lombardo family has equipped itself to build a
new modern and technological cellar, a place characterized by very large windows, which
represents the will to open up to the world of estates