Tenuta Macconi

At the service of the land
The farm Tenuta Macconi is located in Acate, a small town in the province of Ragusa, near the river
Dirillo. It is characterized by the typical scent of orange blossom and an innate love for a
particularly sandy land, skilfully handed down by previous generations. Years of experience and
patient work have borne good fruit, children of a particularly generous land.
The estate’s land covers approximately 124 hectares. The crops include citrus fruits (lemons,
oranges and mandarins), real protagonists of the farm’s economy, and grape varieties, from which
very good IGT wines take place. The particularly sandy soil, the salts contained in the water and the
favourable climate, are elements that contribute to obtain products of the highest quality: an
exaltation of aromas and excellent flavors.
A healty agriculture that respect the environment
The cultivation is carried out following specific techniques, the result of experience and
collaboration with specialists in the organic sector, with the aim of obtaining certified quality
products, totally respecting the environment according to the disciplines of Biological Agriculture.
The products of the estate are the result of love for a genuine land, which has the taste of tradition
and is able to keep pace with modern and competitive times.