Sun, nature and wheat
Wheat from Sicily is a very famous food in the tradition of the island. All the various peoples who
reigned in history, transformed it into the granary of their empires. It is a grain with exceptional
nutritional properties and a particularly intense taste. It is for this reason that, for more than fifty
years, the farm SeminiAmo is dedicated to the cultivation and production of wheat, fruit of the
boundless love for a genuine land of the highest quality. So, since 1960, in the heart of the Sicilian
hinterland, the passion of a family that defends the goodness and naturalness of its products remains
unchanged, emphasizing the primary objective of its work: create quality in full respect of nature.
The company was founded in Enna, in the heart of the Sicilian hinterland, and is immersed in a
territory that extends between fields of wheat, olive, almond and citrus. Its aim is to spread the taste
and smell of authenticity, traditional wheat processing in full respect of biodiversity. The cultivation
of the land takes place according to nature, without the use of industrial, chemical and unnatural
products. Consequently, respect for the planet is affirmed as one of the main aims of the company.
The production prefers all those unusual products, destined to disappear from the trade because not
in line with the laws of the market. In addition, the selection and processing are carried out
according to a tradition never forgotten, which includes all the necessary steps to achieve the
highest quality: milling, kneading, bronze drawing and drying. And it is through these sophisticated
techniques of transformation that this noble Sicilian company is able to bring on the tables the best
grain ever existed.