Sapori di Sicilia – Azienda Agricola Mistretta

The enthusiasm for our land
On the southern coast of Sicily, between the rivers Carboj and Belice, almost placed on a terrace a
few kilometers from the sea, rises Menfi. In this country of the agrigentino begins the adventure of
the Azienda Agricola Mistretta, whose brand is linked to the products Sapori di Sicilia. The
founders, husband and wife from farming families, live a strong relationship with the land. And it is
from this link that the rose the desire to re-evaluate this island, unique for its tastes and traditions.
After developing a quality agriculture, the Mistretta decided to preserve the variety of crops they
produce on their land. Thus, from their love for the land, in 1998 it was born the well-known brand
that the company adopted for the line of delicious preserves. They tell the story, culture, traditions
and hopes of the Sicilian land. The link with this latter is the basis of the company’s philosophy.
In the laboratory, under safe and controlled hygienic conditions, very good women take care of the
craftsmanship like the best of the housewives. For the Azienda Agricola Mistretta the human
element plays a decisive role, since it also gives the product its uniqueness.
The products of the Mistretta have excellent organoleptic characteristics, which narrate the island
reflecting the values, perfumes and tastes that have always distinguished it.