Salumi Lipari

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Salumi Lipari brand was born from a thirty-year experience in a village workshop, where the
founder Alfio produced small quantities of salami and cold cuts sufficient to satisfy retail. With the
increase in demand, the small workshop has become a modern and avant-garde structure. Despite
this, it continues to observe a system of high quality artisanal production.Today the company is in
continuous expansion, present both in the Italian market and in the foreign markets, where the
product is highly appreciated for regional specialties The company’s goal is to provide every day a
quality product that is always better and safer. The choice of raw materials is essential to guarantee
top quality cold cuts. Moreover, for the company it is very important to associate the brand with
quality and food safety.
Processing methods
The processing is done by tying the cured meats, followed by the hand massage, just as it was once
done. The drying and the maturing process respect the time necessary to obtain an optimal
product. In addition, all sausages are free of gluten, milk and dairy products.
Salumi Lipari have the CE recognition n° IT Y9D3D CE, which allows them to export cold cuts and
salami throughout the European Community. The company is also authorized to export to Canada
and Hong Kong.