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Discovering nuts
Rocchella Sicily was born in the area of Belpasso and deals with the processing of typical Sicilian
products, using only top quality elements, free of preservatives and thickeners, to ensure high
quality and unique taste. The company deals with the processing of dried fruit, giving it new life
and transforming it into finished products that highlight the Sicilian excellences: creams, pesti,
canned…. and much more!
At the expense of the commonplace that nuts are an enemy of the diet, these small and tasty foods
should be consumed more often, because they are rich in nutritional properties. These are walnuts,
hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. Over the years, many scientific research has focused on
evaluating the beneficial effects of nuts on the organism, which is received in particular thanks to
the important nutrients contained in the different kind of nuts.
What makes a company great, solid and reliable today?
The traditions of the area from which it was born, the values of the people who guided its first steps,
enthusiasm and constancy are the essential ingredients to grow a company. Nature has always
provided precious help to live better: the trick is to know how to grasp them! For this reason, the
privileged relationship with the land contributes to the creation of culinary experiences that have the
aim of making known tastes near and far, through the preparation and daily preservation of many
varieties of fruit.
Each employee of the company carries within them the values that have been transmitted to them,
putting the maximum commitment and the greatest enthusiasm in creating the products with the
respect for the environment that has seen them grow.