Radici Rosse

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The scent of fruit in a jar
Radici Rosse is a company dedicated to the preparation of organic jams and marmalades, made
through the selection of the best fruits. Characterized by a name dedicated to Sicily, the farm offers
all the sweetness of the tradition of a volcanic land, full of wonders and an extraordinary nature.
Its aim is to spread the culture of a region whose culinary history is the result of multiple
contaminations, which have enriched the gastronomic heritage and have contributed to make it
unique in the world. The latter is expressed through infinite scents that result in an extremely
refined taste.
The care in the preparation of jams and marmalade takes place in full respect of the Mediterranean
tradition, which turns into the protagonist of the typical taste of things created with love. In
addition, most products have the ICEA certification, which gives them the status of BIO. The
selected ingredients come from organic farming, in full respect of the environment, and, therefore,
are better, tasty and natural.
The suggested jams are perfect for filling cakes, biscuits and tarts, but can also be used for creations
of totally creative taste. For example, you can combine them with exquisite aged cheeses, turning
the dish into a truly amazing discovery. In the same way, they can accompany pasta and meats.
Finally, the philosophy of the company of good and healthy eating has led to the use in jams only
seasonal fruit. In addition, with the aim of maximizing the natural flavor, the percentage of fruit in
each jam is about 110 g per 100 g of product. In this way, the company offers Sicilian sweets and
delicacies made only with fruit and sugar.