Pastificio Vallolmo

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Durum wheat pasta
The pastificio Vallolmo is located in a valley, a small agricultural centre in the province of
Palermo. It was born from the desire of some members of a seedbed to create a modern place, used
for the production of pasta. Their goal was to ensure the quality of wheat throughout the production
chain, from sowing to milling. The result was pasta of exceptional goodness.
Valledolmo is located at the foot of the mountains of the Madonie, a place characterized by a mixed
soil of clay and sand, as well as the perfect climate for the cultivation of durum wheat. This grows
far from any source of pollution, thus preserving its excellent organoleptic qualities. The pasta
factory bases its principles on respect and dedication, and has succeeded in building with time a
daily and familiar reality. Moreover, the company’s modernity is characterized by an avant-garde
structure, which deals with the processing of durum wheat semolina very slowly and at moderate
temperatures. In this way, the taste and nutritional properties of the raw material remain unchanged.
The 0 kilometre
The pasta factory concentrates on the production of an extremely genuine pasta, guaranteeing a zero
kilometer supply chain, characterized by the unmistakable taste of wheat matured under the sun of
the beautiful island. The working of the grain begins with the autumn sowing, in an area of the
Madonie that is between the 300 and the 700 m of height. The sowing, moreover, takes place after
careful preparation of the soils and after the arrival of the first rains.
Then, the wheat harvest leads to milling and processing into pasta, which contains characteristics of
gluten and protein that are never less than 12.5%. In addition, the semolina is processed with water
coming directly from the natural springs of the Madonie Natural Park. Once the dough is created, it
is pushed into bronze dies and left to dry at moderate temperatures.