Pastificio Minardo

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Pasta made with ancient wheat

In 2007, Giorgio Minardo opened the Pastificio Minardo in Modica, with the purpose of making its way into the world of artisanal pasta production. The processing of pasta takes place through the use of ancient Sicilian grains. To do this, the pasta factory prefers the varieties that were present in Sicily during a time before 1975, the year of the advent of gamma rays. For this reason, and for the choice not to use chimical products, Minardo company is certified as organic since 2008.
The pasta factory deals with the production of pasta using only one variety of flour at a time, as well as mineral water for the dough. Moreover, the latter is specifically Sicilian. famous for its organoleptic properties and it comes from a spring in the Monti Nebrodi.
After the dough, they proceed with storage and milling, carried out separately depending on the variety. A stone milling is carried out for the whole pasta, while for the semolina one the cylindrical milling is preferred. Whatever the mode, the germ is not removed.
In conclusion, the artisanal production, with bronze dies, the slow drying, exclusively at low
temperature, and the raw materials make this type of pasta a product of excellence.