Orlando Farm

A beginning at zero kilometre
It was the beginning of last cetury when nonno Antonio set up his little farm near Baucina, in the
proximity of Palermo. He grew and sold his the products of his own land, a precursor of what
would have become the kilometre zero, a procedure launche by Coldiretti in 2008. Stunning views
and gentle hills have been the perfect cradle for platations at Azienda Agricola Orlando. They are
the typical Mediterranean scenarios: olive oil groves, vineyards, almond tress and cereals.
From nonno Antonio… to Azienda Agricola Orlando
Since those days, Azienda Agricola Orlando shares the enthusiasm of nonno Antonio for the good
and healthy agriculture, which respect also the environment. The work is done combining carefully
organic farming techniques and corporate philosophy focused on innovations. They are workers
who can be described as modern curators, even if it can be a contradiction. At the beginning they
grew olives, grapes, cereals and almonds, and later organic farming of almonds and wheat. From
flour to oil, from eggs to almonds, everything was taken from the land, so well cared and loved.
With these ingredients, through a short and controlled chain, the bakery of Azienda Agricola
Orlando was born. Biscuits, torrone, buccellati, marzipan, but also apsta nad bread. Everything is
done according to ancient local tradition. According to Sicilian tradition, desserts with almond paste
was offered during special occasions, like ceremonies, weddings and parties. Back in those days,
they were called “cosa dulci”, that means “sweet things”. Azienda Agricola Orlando mantained the
same traditional method of working, to keep intact the identity values of the delicatessen linked to
the land. Thank to the combined experience, each element is combined: from the richness and
authenticity of the ingredients, to the practical packaging. By doing so, an extraordinary blend of
tradition, taste and quality, elements which make every product unique.
Authentic products
Azienda Agricola Orlando’s production is dedicated to lover of fine food, more and more attentive
and well-awere of healthy diet, which can mantain its peculiar taste. Also, the uniqueness, the safety
and the authenticity of products are guaranteed by the traceability of raw materials which derive
exclusively from Sicilian land.