Morselli Salumi

Logo di Morselli salumi

Morselli Salumi was born from a long and troubled path that took shape thanks to the tenacity,
enthusiasm and collaboration of the Morselli family. In 1984 Enzo Morselli faced the world of meat
for the first time and immediately discovered his passion for the fine ones, with a refined taste. A
few years later, in 1988, in a small village in western Sicily, his activity was born: butchery
Morselli. It was a workshop (putiedda in Sicilian-Trapani dialect) loved and appreciated by
customers for the goodness and quality of the products. Enzo carried on this first enterprise with
dedication and firmness, until one day he decided to go beyond the simple work of butcher, giving
voice to the artisan who was in him.
Today, thanks to the support and, above all, the help of the two children, Giovanni and Samantha,
Morselli Salumi is succeeding to realise a great dream, that can only be the beginning of new
ideas. The desire to grow is great, as is the desire to offer noble products, prepared with care for
those customers who are just as noble.
A craftsman job
So in 2008, he began to create and produce high-quality sausages. He began to make cold cuts,
starting from the simple ones known as the classic mortadella (called Regina Margherita, for the
place where it was produced), the cooked ham (called Spiruni) or salami and dried sausages. Later,
over time, Enzo realized that the craftsman’s work needed continuous research, sacrifices and
performance anxieties. It is a job that requires determination, invention, enthusiasm, patience,
characteristics that, despite the different difficulties, Enzo never lacked. Starting from this
conviction, Enzo, constantly looking for tastes and flavors that can satisfy and intrigue customers,
began to produce cooked hams of sheep, donkey, salami with nuts, pistachio and mortadelle of
various flavors. From those with oregano and dried tomato, with toasted almonds and bitter
oranges, to those with nocellara olives of the Belice