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A Young Company, with a philosophy of clear principles
Amaro Monte Polizo is the product of Alicia Liquori, a craft company that has been producing
liqueurs since 2003. Born from a boundless love for tradition, the company is based on research and
decades of experience in the distillates sector of its founders. Right from the start, it has
distinguished itself for the goodness of handcrafted liqueurs and for its guiding philosophy, which
consists in a limitation of the production of the individual products, in order to promote excellence
and quality. The latter is ensured by the absolute control of the production chain, which consists in
the meticulous verification of the origin of the raw materials, their production and distribution.
For the creation of products on the farm they take inspiration from the knowledge of herbs and
aromas of the earth, alongside the consultation of ancient traditional recipes. In this way, the
philosophy of Alicia Liquori is maintained, which has the aim of offering genuine products and
unique flavor.
In addition, the company is equipped with a manual of self-control through which certain
procedures are applied to the corresponding working phases. In the same way, control and
documentation are constantly monitored according to HACCP regulations. This confirms the
excellent quality of the company’s products.
A direct link with the earth
The territory of Salemi, where the farm is placed, is located in the centre of Sicily, overlooking the
soft and spectacular hills. Here stands Mount Polizo, on whose slopes a vast territory extends,
which has always been a fortunate place of settlement. Recent excavations have demonstrated the
existence of populations living in this area since the Iron Age. And it is from this hill that the Amaro
Monte Polizo is born.

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