Molini del Ponte

The mill: an encounter between old knowledge and modern technology
Molini del Ponte S.r.l. is located in Castelvetrano Selinunte (TP), a few kilometres from the largest
Archaeological Park in Europe. It is a structure that has no equal in Sicily and also in the whole
Italian peninsula. Today Molini del Ponte is the showcase of the extraordinary coexistence of the
ancient and the modern, because inside the same building, next to the modern cylinder system of the
latest generation and computerized management, there is space for the ancient natural stone mills
dating back to the end of the 19th century.
The history of the company and the Drago family is mingled with that of Castelvetrano. Since the
second half of the‘900, there have been four generations who have worked with unchanged passion
for the activity of milling wheat, as well as the production of flour and semolina of
excellence. Often, during the first decades of 1900, it was necessary to arrive in Palermo (therefore
another province) to buy the necessary products for the bakery and the pastification. Later, in more
modern times, the ambitious project of Francesco Paolo and his brothers came to life, and they
decided to equip Castelvetrano and the area of the Belice with a modern mill, an expression of
technological avant-garde. The project, interrupted by the earthquake of 1968, was resumed with
unchanged enthusiasm and realized in 1970, the year in which there was the inauguration of a very
modern roll mill for the production of semolina and flour.
As often happens when you are driven by the enthusiasm for your work, the excellence of the
results is accompanied by the constant improvement of the means employed and, sometimes,
innovation goes hand in hand with the recovery of tradition. Thus, in the early 1970s, the will of the
Drago family to preserve the tradition was expressed in the acquisition of two ancient mills for the
production of wholemeal flour milled natural stone, so that alongside modern production, traditional
production could be combined.
Recovery of tradition
The recovery of the ancient grains was the next innovative step, made by Filippo Drago, current
owner of the company. The latter operated at a time when the milling industry was aiming at highyield
production at the expense of biodiversity. Only the best grains, exclusively hard and tender
grains grown in the region of Sicily, are given to the mill, the place where each grain is processed in
purity. The essential condition of flour excellence is the care of wheat. Even before milling, the tool
that allows to turn care and attention to the grain of wheat consists of a very modern optically
controlled sorting and cleaning system, able to discard impurities, also associated with ancient stone
Molini del Ponte s.r.l. is also present in the international panorama, with its products sought for the
high quality and uniqueness of the flavors and perfumes linked to the territory, as well as to the
techniques of milling. Filippo Drago continues with unchanged passion his activity of recovering
the elements of tradition, of enormous help to rediscover his origins through the most authentic
flavors and smells. Moreover, in the company, there is never a lack of constant attention to
technological innovation, for the improvement of the means of production, in order to ensure the
excellence of the results.

The future is the stone. aided by technology. A return to gestures, knowledge and ancient measures,
also a production that takes into account the gratification of the man who must trace what he
produces, smell the perfumes and feel the aromas that can tell stories.
Filippo Drago