Logo di miratus, marchio di baglio crete

Sicilian quality and tradition
Miratus is the brand with which the company Baglio Crete promotes its products. It is born from the deep bond of the Bendici family with its own land and with the culinary traditions of the Sicilian
territory. Production, processing and selling of seasonal food products represent the work of the
company, carried out following the recipes handed down and favoring the artisanal quality of each
individual jar.
Much of the raw materials used in processing are grown on the farm. When these come to full
maturation, they proceed immediately with the collection and processing of the same, in order to
guarantee its freshness. Moreover, rigorous procedures, equipment and machinery of the latest
generation determine the transformation process, combining innovation and tradition.
Baglio Crete works in a biological regime to ensure the genuineness, seasonality and sustainability
of its products. The company uses the fields sustainably, through the alternation of crops and the use
of natural soil improvers.
The essence of Baglio Crete
The logo of Miratus represents the essence of its collaborators. Each leaf that composes it
symbolizes what they wish to transmit: quality of raw materials, Sicilian tradition and passion for
nature. The love for the land and for work in close contact with it has indicated the most suitable
name for the products. The word miratus in Latin means admiring, or seeing with
astonishment. And it matches exactly what happens every time a jar is packaged.