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The story of vinegar is a tale as old as time

Mastri Acetai represents a reality of vinegars that has its roots in very distant years. Already
Egyptians, Babylonians and Persians used vinegar to preserve food, or as a refreshing
drink. Instead, Hippocrates, the great Master of Medicine in Greece used it to treat wounds, sores
and diseases of the respiratory system. Moreover, the Romans called posca the vinegar diluted with
water, using it as a strong drink: Posca fortem, vinum ebrium fecit.
In Menfi, a territory in western Sicily particularly dedicated to the cultivation of vines, the company
decided to invest its resources. For this reason, it has begun to devote itself to the production of
quality vinegars, taking advantage of the wine experience of its founders in the sector of
acetification. The wisdom of the farmers and the use of modern technologies have allowed to obtain
robust or delicate vinegars, but always characterized by a strong personality. The fine wines from
which they come transfer fragrances and aromas, which represent the strength and generosity of the
original land.
Appreciation of vinegars
Unfortunately, the processes of industrial acetification of the last decades have devalued the
product. This has led to a lowering of the price, to the detriment of the quality and personality
typical of a wine vinegar. Today, in fact, most of the wines destined for acetification or distillation
have deteriorated or, worse still, gone bad.
On the contrary, Mastri Acetai produces quality vinegars, selling them at competitive prices and
using excellent raw materials. The latter are enhanced by respect for the peasant tradition and safety,
guaranteed by modern processing techniques.