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A tale of a craft beer
Kimiya is a breqery founded by Francesco Tranchina, always fond of craft beer. Born in 2016 at
Altavilla Milicia, in 2018 the headquarters moved to Palermo. During this period he also began
working with his friend Alessandro Gioguardi, an expert in marketing and events, as well as a great
admirer of craft beer. This bond will lead the two friends to make the pact of a true and proper
stable partnership.
For their beers, Francesco and Alessandro draw on the tradition and experience of the best
breweries and brewers in Sicily, always paying special attention to the entire production
cycle. These craft beers offer all the aromas of the Sicilian lands and are worked with passion and
constant develompment.
A craft beer to make Sicily known
The company’s goal is to bring fragrances and sensations of the Sicilian land even beyond the
regional boundaries, through the high quality of craft beers. They contain stories, traditions and
respect for nature. In addition, all production processes are analysed before, during and after
fermentation. And it is only in this way that the final result is unique and unrepeatable. In particular,
the beers produced are not pasteurised or filtered, and do not contain dyes or preservatives. Finally,
the final act of the processing involves refermentation in bottle, the same process carried out 1000
years ago, which celebrates a marriage between modernity and tradition

  • Birra kimiya Saison

    Saison – KIMIYA

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  • Birra kimiya tropical stout

    Tropical Stout – KIMIYA

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