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Giorgio Collura company was born in the early 70s in Santo Stefano Quisquina, in the hinterland of
Agrigento, at about 900 m altitude. From father to son, the company has been renewed and has
become an important reality in the territory of the Sicani Mountains. The aim of Collura is to offer
only authentic products, which is why all the processing phases are followed step by step.
In order to guarantee the maximum authenticity of the products, in 2017 Giorgio Collura converted
to the organic cultivation method. In particular, from the processing of ancient Sicilian grains,
ground with stones, are obtained wonderful flours, which preserve the chemical-physical and
organoleptic properties. They are not very refined due to the presence of the outer part of the
carioxide, which is the richest of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In addition, thanks to the
artisanal processing of the semolina of the ancient stone milled grains (Senatore Cappelli and
Tumminia), a very good pasta is obtained. Pasta is done with bronze dies, a process that gives to the
pasta a particular roughness. Drying, on the other hand, takes place in specific low-temperature
dryers, which simulate the action of the sun rays, maintaining unchanged the chemical-physical and
organoleptic characteristics that characterize these particular grains.