Logo di Gio.Ni Sapori del Sud

Only authentic products
Since 1991 Gio.Ni Sapori del Sud has been presented on the Sicilian gastronomic market. It is a
family business that tries to create the right balance between innovation and tradition. The company
deals with the processing of fresh products from the Madonie area. In particular, following the
natural succession of seasons, it is specialized in the production of the artichokes of Cierda and
Sciara, as well as tomatoes Siccagni di Valledolmo.
Starting from a method of working by hand and craftsmanship, Gio.Ni Sapori del Sud proposes the
recipes of the Sicilian tradition, based on oils and aromas of the highest quality. As a result, the
products offered are extremely genuine, without preservatives and prepared with taste and passion.