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Tradition is carried out by a family
Cutrera oil mill was born many years ago. The Cutrera family has been involved in olive growing
for several generations: the production of extra virgin olive oil represents their passion and their
love for the land.
Since 1906, the Cutrera have cultivated olives in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a village in the south-eastern
part of Sicily. The first oil mill was built in 1979 by Giovanni cutrera and his wife Maria. Over the
years, the sons Maria, Giusy and Salvatore began to collaborate with the family business, strongly
supporting, in 1999, the decision to build a second mill. Since 2000, the company has been in
complete control of the children and their spouses.
Moreover, with the awareness of the quality of the oil produced in the Iblei Mountains, Cutrera
have begun to import it also outside the local market, obtaining particularly significant results.
Frantoi Cutrera today
For some years now, even the third generation has entered the family business. Looking at the
future, without departing from the past, the family has managed to create a good mix between
tradition and innovation, as well as to achieve important results. Giovanni and Maria Cutrera have
left behind a precious heritage founded on sound principles, values and valuable knowledge.
Currently the company has two plants with three extraction lines, a warehouse for the storage of oil
and a bottling system. They also own more than 50 hectares of olive trees in the Iblei Mountains,
and they have started to sell their products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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