Feudo Prìncipi di Butera

The Feud
The feud Prìncipi di Butera is located in the province of Caltanissetta, in the heart of Sicily, today
one of the most interesting regions of Italy for its potential in the wine sector, in particular thanks to
the production of prestigious red wines. The estate extends into the ancient lands of the Deliella
feud and includes 320 hectares of land, of which more than 170 vines with new plantations. The
terroir is exclusive, thanks to the warm and arid climate, which optimizes the development and the
perfect maturation of the grapes, the sea breeze, which infuses its beneficial influence on the
vineyards, and finally the warm and strong light, typical of the southern part of the island. The
family Zonin, owner of the feud Prìncipi di Butera since 1997, today is committed to exalt this
unique land, rich in sun and perfumes, producing world-class wines that express all the soul and
strength of Sicily.
The history of the feud Prìncipi di Butera is deeply linked to the millenary history of Sicily. The
ancient Trinacria, due to its geographical position, has been a crossroads of all the civilizations of
the Mediterranean. The name Butera seems to derive from the Bute king, the first of the Sicilian
kings, who, together with the Sicani and the Greek settlers, once inhabited the exceptional strategic
territory of central southern Sicily. In 854 A.D. the invasion of the Saracens began, followed by the
expulsion in 1089 by the Norman king Ruggero d’Altavilla. Later, the history of the Principality
was characterized by the succession of three great families: Santapau, Bracinforte and Lanza. First
the Santapau, who, after two centuries of domination, ceded the feud to the Bracinforte, a noble
family of more than hundred years origin and among the most important in Sicilian history. With
the marriage between Stefania Bracinforte and Giuseppe Lanza, dozens of feuds and thousands of
hectares of land were united in one family. Moreover, in 1895, Nicolò di Francesco di Girolamo
Lanza also acquired the title of Prince of Deliella and, in the last century, Savoy constituted the
Principality Deliella right on the same lands that today represent the boundaries of the feud.
The vineyards of the feud of Principi di Butera enjoy the influence of particular pedoclimatic
conditions. First of all, the solar radiation, for a number of hours in the course of the year which is
unparalleled in the whole temperate climate range. Secondly, the microclimate is excellent, thanks
to the sea breezes and the proximity of Mount Dessueri. In addition, the auxiliary irrigation system
of the feud allows to maintain efficient the foliar system of the vines, leading to perfect ripening of
the grapes. The vineyards are situated on the hills, with an average altitude between 250 m and 350
m above sea level, from which they are only 10 km distant and are rooted on calcareous and skeletal
soil. The white soil induces the vine the correct vegeto-productive balance. In addition, the vine
rearing system used is the low spurred cordon, with a density of 5,000 vines per hectare. In
addition, each plant produces an average of 1.2– 1.4 kg of grapes. Ù
The cellar and the wineshop
The new cellar perfectly interprets the values of the feudal estate Principi di Butera. Harmoniously
inserted in the architectural and naturalistic context, it has been conceived to operate exclusively on
the vinification modalities in respect of the raw material and represents a perfect union between
tradition, modernity and efficiency. It is here that, thanks to the sensitivity and experience of the
oenologist, the grapes are transformed into wines of excellence. They are refined, ensuring a proper
rest at constant temperature in precious 30 hectoliter Slavonian oak barrels, as well as in 350-litre
tonneaux of fine French oak.
All areas of the cellar are open to the public: the area of vinification, storage, bottling and refining
of the great red wines. Visits can be arranged by contacting the staff of the estate. In addition, the
feud Prìncipi di Butera has a wineshop where you can taste and buy the wines and extra virgin olive
oil produced in the estate. The cozy wine shop is entirely covered in wood and includes a small
museum of about wine tradition, which shows the ancient working tools, and a gallery of paintings
of famous Sicilian painters, including Pippo Madè.