Ferracane – Casa Vinicola

Passion, semplicity and tradition
Ferracane winery was founded in the 90s, when Antonino and Rosa Maria inherited a small estate
on which they planted the vineyards. They began to experiment on some varieties, and they started
the production of wine for the family consumption, while delivering the remaining grapes to the
cellars of the territory of Marsala.
Antonino and Rosa Maria are succeeded by Fabio, the youngest son. Thanks to his passion for
viticulture, Fabio managed to continue with the winemaking techniques begun by his father and that
had gradually become a family tradition. For this reason, after graduating in enology and after
having deepened his studies in Australia, in 2011 Fabio Ferracane becomes Technical Director of
the family company.
Right from the start he began to sell the wine produced in the vineyards, easily recognisable by the
elegant logo of the Fairy of Bacchus. In this way, Fabio contributes to the spread of a unique
winemaking reality. The company carries out with passion and patience the painstaking work of
producing this magic wine. Tradition and innovation are at the base of this project, in which the
Sicilian land is transported directly in bottles.