Fattorie Azzolino

Two families at the base
Fattorie azzolino is the natural evolution, in a modern and sustainable way, of an ancient winegrowing
farm. Today it is presented as an entrepreneurial and market-oriented reality, which
benefits from the solidity of the union of two families, bearers of different experiences and knowhow.
The families give the company new energies aimed at the realization, starting from the
vineyard, of a high quality product and with a very precise market location, both Italian and foreign.
A reality surrounded by nature
Located at an altitude of 400 m, the farm takes its name from the district in which it is located, in
the municipality of Monreale, and is about 50 km from the city of Palermo. It is characterized by a
very particular natural and climatic context, if not even unique. In fact, its vineyards take strength
from the first rays of the morning sun and take full advantage of the cool evening breezes. The great
vegetation, the surrounding hills and the olive trees that surround the crops almost seem to protect
these wonderful red and white clusters that grow naturally healthy and luxuriant.
Fattorie Azzolino’s work
The company in the past has produced white wines from native grapes, today, however, produces
wines of great quality both red and white. They come from grapes belonging to regional and
international grape varieties. The cultivation method used is strictly organic. Methodologies are
among the most refined, but the old traditional principles of the countryside are never
forgotten. Consequently, the processing of grapes, the vinification and the aging of wines take place
with great attention and dedication, in the continuous search for a better quality and elegance of the
Fattorie Azzolino is a company that operates with great tenacity and enthusiasm, aware of its strong
roots and respectful of everything that the countryside imposes: love, sacrifice and passion.