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Giarratana onion
Fagone farm is located in the Ibleo hinterland, in the province of Ragusa. La Cipolla di Giarratana
(Giarratana onion) is the undisputed protagonist of this company that, for about forty years,
cultivates it with love and dedication. This type of onion represents the real symbol of the country
and is defined as “the pearl of Iblei”. It is a variety of sweet onions, which can weigh up to 3kg per
unit. Moreover, the bulbs that compose it have a flattened shape and a brownish-white colour.
A laboratory for the onion
The founder of the farm is Salvatore Noto, who has developed an annual conservation method for
the Onion of Giarratana, whose harvest starts in June and ends in September. The method developed
by Noto consists of a processing laboratory, thanks to which it has created a line of natural and
healthy preserves based on Onion di Giarratana. For this project, Salvatore only uses high-quality
local raw materials.
The result is really remarkable: onion fillets preserved in glass jars, prepared using natural methods,
without chemical additives or preservatives. As a result, onions can be easily exported to restock
restaurants, sandwich shops and so on, through a special catering line. Therefore, Fagone’s
preserves are ideal for preparing tasty and original dishes. Appetizers, first courses, meat and
potatoes and even pizza.
Together with his children, investing time and resources, Salvatore Noto managed to make known
and appreciated the Cipolla di Giarratana throughout Italy and also abroad, bringing it to the
kitchens and the dishes of lovers of traditional flavours.

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