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Entellano… a story of wine
In the middle of Sicily, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, at the foot of the Rocca di Entella, a
flourishing agricultural centre and ancient military bastion, the wine of the Romans and the Greeks
is reborn. The company was founded by Don Luca colletti in 1950. In the 90s the sons Nino and
Maria replanted and expanded the ancient vineyard.
The farm, family-run, very linked to the territory and its history, produces DOC wines of high
quality. It is certified organic and follows the whole chain: from cultivation, to bottling, up to
marketing. Moreover, now in its third generation, since 2010 it is led by Luca junior.
The vineyard covers 5.63 hectares at the foot of the Rocca di Entella, an Elymian town dating back
to the 6th century BC, a land naturally dedicated to wine-growing