Di Lorenzo

Logo Di Lorenzo

A story with ancient roots
Azienda Di Lorenzo is located in the western part of Sicily, precisely in Selinunte (a village of
Greek origin near the town of Castelvetrano), and extends for 40 hectares, along the river Belice.
The history of the company has very ancient roots. It all began in 1970, when the grandfather,
enchanted by the beauty of the belicino landscape, decided to buy a plot of land. That purchase
represented the beginning of everything, that is, the beginning of an activity that was mainly based
on the cultivation and sale of a very valuable grain, but that did not bear any name.
Azienda Di Lorenzo today
In those fields, which repersent the centre of the company, there is the entire life of a family.
Childhood, memories, sweat and hard work of a man who, with strenght and enthusiasm, carried on
with the activity, in spite of difficulties. Today his sons, Sandro, Rosanna, Giusy and Valeria
decided to continue and innovate the family business. Their dream is precisely to continue with
what has long been achieved, improving it and enhancing it in beauty and quality. On the other
hand, the generational transition brings with it a breath of progress, which accompanies the old
traditions, always living in memory. This is where the brand Azienda Biologica Di Lorenzo was
born: the family signature on wheat, flour and all other products.
In the Di Lorenzo family logo, the philosofy of the Company is clear. Since childhood, the current
prosecutors, playing in the fields, found in the ground many shells and remained fascinated by so
much beauty. Then their father told them that, millions of years before, those places were covered
by the waters of the sea that had left those shells, draining this last one. And it is with them that the
mosaics in the walls of the house were created. So the logo represents the richness of the land, the
life and the spikes, the tangible sign of all this.