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A company who looks like home
A patrician villa further south of Tunis, immersed in the light of the countryside of Modica: this is
the place Ciomod chose as his home. Casaciomod is a project born from the love for good food and
for the Sicilian land, from the desire for conviviality and from the innate sense of hospitality. The
villa is the beating heart of the company. It hosts the offices and it is equipped with a large area for
the reception of guests. Here you can rest in the shade of the garden olive trees, cool off with a dip
in the pool in the warm summer season, celebrate various events in the large living room,
participate in the educational activities on chocolate. It is like being at home, which means the
comfort of an armchair near the fireplace and the intimacy of a sofa ready to accommodate chatter
and confidence.
The goal of Casaciomod is to help remembering the family tables on holiday days and be able to
move with a new journey in the flavours of the earth. Home and food have such a close relationship
that they are almost equivalent in the everyday life and intimacy of each person. All of this finds its
natural dimension in Casaciomod, in the simple ritual of meeting around the table between good
food, slow eating and conviviality. The house is a squeeze of Sicily: from the welcome, passing
through the innate sense of hospitality, the various guests will be accompanied in a journey to
rediscover the scents, colours and flavours of the Trinacria.
A lot of thing derive from chocolate!
Ciomod was born in Modica in 2003, from a project by Innocenzo Pluchino. According to Sicilian
tradition, he decided not to leave because of the pride towards the territory, and he preferred the
beloved land every day and to feel the great responsibility to contribute to make it known. The
belief of living in a magical place and the will to use the best“ingredients”, such as respect for
history and meticulous research of raw materials, has led Ciomod to engage in presenting the
territory to an audience that can appreciate its essence. From the beginning idea has been clear: the
harmonious cohabitation of the tradition of the working with the innovation of the packaging of the
product to sell on the market. The challenge of Ciomod has always been to create an innovative,
attractive, fashion, and of design packaging, combining it with what is more traditional in Sicily.
Also, once conceived and consolidated the first line of Modica chocolate, the energies split on the
creation of its liquid alternative. This is the birth of the first chocolate liqueur in the Ciomod
family. The liquor factory is a small factory in constant development that gives absolute attention to
quality. The finished product is the result of an accurate selection of raw materials which identify
Sicily. The famous Modica Chocolate Liqueur was just the first of the specialties that Ciomod now
boasts on the market. In fact, different types of liquor have been created in succession. From the
different types of chocolate liqueur, to the liqueur flavoured with almond, pistachio, fennel,
cinnamon and carob. The bottle, the label and the bow that completes the packaging, have been
carefully chosen to put on the market a product that focused on quality, as well as on the simple and
elegant aesthetic.
A constant engagement
After the first ten years of activity, the commitment towards a constructive and constant growth has
certainly not faded. In fact, in recent years Ciomod has chosen to invest not only by expanding its
range of products, but also and above all in expressing the Sicilian territory through new channels,
that is hospitality. At Ciomod they believe that, before trading a product, it is important to know
how to behave and how to welcome a guest. This is why Casaciomod was born, headquarters of
Ciomod: a space to live as a real home. It is about the Sicilian life, which can therefore express
itself to 360°. From the production to the sale of the typical regional product, to the experiences that
can be lived dining or sipping a glass of wine in Casaciomod.
The Team
Now at a more mature stage, thank to time and experience, there is certainly no lack of enthusiasm
in Ciomod, whose collaborators are still full of expectations and desire to do. The staff, composed
mainly of young people, fully reflects the will to create new opportunities, without missing the
challenges that the future holds. Although at the beginning it was more than a niche market, today
geographical barriers are gradually falling: Ciomod is entering an increasingly national and
international market. And while business scenarios seem to change, though not often easily, the
company’s mission has remained the same. The will remains to seek combinations of flavors, scents
and colors, sometimes unusual, that preserve and can tell the passion for the Sicilian land, to release
themselves beyond geographical boundaries and drag consumers on a sensory journey that can talk
about Sicily and its unmistakable way of life.
Divided between production, laboratory and offices, the Ciomod team runs, writes, responds, deals
with numbers, shipments and new recipes. Also, welcome customers, advise and listen to
them. With an average age under 30, the team married the Ciomod project, became part of a family,
making the company philosophy their own. Always full of enthusiasm and willing to do, they
embrace new challenges and they are ready to seize all the opportunities for growth that will arise.

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