Tales of ordinary madness
It takes more than a mug of madness to get to immerse yourself in the adventure of craft
brewing. After years of experience and testing within the walls, in May 2015 Francesco Puma, with
the collaboration of the young winemaker Vincenzo Leone, decided to “expatriate” and to give life
to what is currently the only farm in Trapani dedicated to the production of beer (as well as the
second craft brewery in the province of Trapani): Chinaschi. Tales of ordinary madness. Like the
name of the beer, which plays with the Sicilian dialect (chinaschi literally means“with the nose”)
and on the famous alter ego of Charles Bukowski (with the c instead of the k finale).
The company uses ancient autochthonous grains, sown inside the same pavilion. The hallmark of all
beers is the close link with the Sicilian territory. It is the scent of wheat, citrus fruits, bread and
floral scents. All distinctive signs of the Sicilian tradition. One of the goals of the brewery
Chinaschi is to spread the culture of craft beer, unfortunately still little known in the south, giving a
strong Sicilian mark to all its products.