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From historic bakery to business reality
The entrepreneurial adventure of Casalindolci, the historic bakery of Modica, began in 1995. In the same year,
after being an employee, Mrs Giorgia Crucetta decides to take over the business, not only not to disappoint the
expectations of loyal customers, but also to give continuity to a job that, in a few years, it had become a deep
passion for the art of bakery. Thanks to this courageous choice, the typical products of Modica pastryare still
displayed inside the shop: almond biscuits, cupcakes, chocolate pralines, spreads, nougat and cobaite.
Once they have grown up, the sons of Giorgia, Andrea and Mariagrazia decided to support their mother in
managing the activity. Therefore, thanks to them, the craftsmanship of the individual products is perfected, as well
as the study and selection of the raw materials used in the laboratory. Casalindolci soon broadens its range. In
addition to the production of typical biscuits, today they make tasty cakes with sugar paste and a wide assortment
of desserts. In addition, with the Iurato brand, exports the traditional chocolate to other countries and offers an
accurate catering service for any kind of ceremony or recurrence.
Quality comes first
Always attentive to the quality of his creations, Casalindolci uses exclusively zero-kilometer
ingredients and of controlled origin, such as pistachio di Bronte and Avola almonds. For customers
with special food needs, there is also a line of entirely gluten free and organic products.

  • Casalindolci cioccolato di modica pregiato carruba

    Modicano Chocolate | Carob – CASALINDOLCI

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  • Casalindolci cioccolato di modica pregiato al caffé

    Modicano Chocolate | Coffee – CASALINDOLCI

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  • Casalindolci cioccolato di modica pregiato extra fondente

    Modicano Chocolate | Extra Dark – CASALINDOLCI

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