Casa Mandolio

Logo di Casa Mandolio

A company for a healthy diet
The theme of Casa Mandolio is the passion for the land and its fruits. The hills of the Sicilian
hinterland are the cradle that protects the fruits and allows farmers to obtain a genuine product, with
positive implications towards an optimal state of health. Eating well is a form of prevention,
strengthening one’s body and helping it to defend itself against degenerative diseases.
Authentic products
The organic products of the company are cared for in order to obtain the highest quality. In fact, the
almonds of Piazza Armerina and the extra virgin olive oil of the Enna hills, as well as all other
products, are rich in natural antioxidants, which are the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet. The
timing of harvest and processing allows to preserve the organoleptic and health characteristics. No
strange mixture is used, but simple and strict protocols according to the rules of organic
production. Also, Casa Mandolio’s goal is to spread the culture of feeding using natural products, so
make available what can be donated by a land appreciated since Greek times.