Carlo Amodeo

Logo dell'Azienda Carlo Amodeo

A dream come true
Azienda Carlo Amodeo was born almost by chance. No one would have ever thought that from
enthusiasm and a pleasure of the palate could be born something so surprising. From the interest for
honey and the world of bees, the future of Carlo Amodeo has developed. Years ago, he tested
himself trying to produce honey instead of buying it from an old beekeeper in his town. Since then,
a company has been established which now has about 1500 hives.
Three laboratories
Carlo Amodeo Company is divided in three laboratories. One is intended for storing freshly arrived melariums
filled with honey (coming from the flowering areas), sorting operations and the packaging of finished
products. Another is a real warehouse, where hives and drawers are stored. The third laboratory, of last
construction, is equipped of a roof completely covered of solar panels, which serve to produce the energy
necessary for the operation of the refrigeration cell inserted in a part of the warehouse. In the latter are deposited
the pallets with the freshly collected honeys.
A farm in the countryside
The farm is located in the countryside, at the foot of the San Calogero park, while the apiaries Carlo Amodeo are
spread throughout Sicily. This is because they oriented the production of honey mainly towards the monofloral
honeys, and therefore it is necessary to find large extensions of flowers of the same species. The energy needed
for the company’s needs is produced entirely by a photovoltaic system, in addition to the panels mounted on the
roof of one of the laboratories. As a result there will be a total of about 27 kw, which makes the Azienda Carlo
Amodeo zero-impact with regard to the emission of CO2 into the environment.