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A family dedicated to grow cereals and wheat
Since the beginning of the 19th century, Caradonna family has cultivated the land with love and
passion, mainly growing cereals. Caradonna Azienda Agricola employs land arranged around the
archaeological settlement of Mokarta, at a height of about 250 meters above sea level. These lands,
dedicated to cereal growing, produce grains, within which are found the flavours of the Sicilian
For many years now, the company has been abandoning mass cereal cultivation to return to its
origins, with the cultivation of ancient native grains: tumminia, perciasacchi, Russello and
Majorca. The efforts of the owner also led to the rediscovery of the Capeiti seed, durum wheat from
the sixties almost forgotten.
Caradonna flours are produced from ancient Sicilian grains, cultivated without the use of
phytosanitary and ground with natural stone, maintaining unchanged the organoleptic and
nutritional characteristics. In this way it is obtained a soft and fragrant flour, with characteristics
that are transmitted to the final product (such as bread and pasta) and that go well with dishes rich
in history and culture of Sicilian cuisine.
Azienda Agricola Caradonna uses durum wheat semolina Perciassacchi, produced in its fields, as
well as ground cylinders and natural stone, to make a genuine pasta with an authentic taste. The
semolina obtained is mixed with mineral water, then bronze drawn and slowly dried. The result is a
highly digestible paste with the highest organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

  • Attupateddi caradonna

    Attupateddi – CARADONNA

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  • Busiate di Perciasacchi - CARADONNA - pasta secca

    Busiate di Perciasacchi – CARADONNA

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  • busiate caradonna

    Busiate Lunghe – CARADONNA

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  • corallini caradonna pasta secca siciliana

    Corallini – CARADONNA

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  • Farina di grano duro siciliano Capeiti Caradonna azienda agricola

    Farina di Capeiti – CARADONNA

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  • Farina di grano tenero siciliano Maiorca Caradonna azienda agricola

    Farina di Maiorca – CARADONNA

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  • Farina di grano duro siciliano Perciasacchi Caradonna azienda agricola

    Farina di Perciasacchi – CARADONNA

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  • Farina di grano duro siciliano Russello Caradonna azienda agricola

    Farina di Russello – CARADONNA

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