Cantine Vinci


Close your eyes for a moment and let yourself be caressed by the wind and warmed by the sun, breathe in the air that surrounds you, full of perfumes: that of the sea, of Mediterranean vegetation, of the earth. You can’t go wrong …. You are in Marsala, the “land of wine”. No other Italian city can boast such a varied wine production. With wit and farsightedness, the British realized it and landed in the eighteenth century and immediately understood that something very similar to Spanish and Portuguese liqueur wines could be made from local grapes: that wine which then became famous all over the world with the name “Marsala”. Today, however, in ancient Lilybeo not only the “wine of the English” is produced, the first wine in the history of Italy to be recognized as D.O.C., but also many others to be expertly accompanied by the products of Sicilian gastronomy and Mediterranean diet. In this land so planted with vines, in 1997 our three families of winemakers decided to take over the brand “Cantine Vinci” and thus to start a new adventure which saw them as the architects of the transformation of their grapes into wines of constant and undisputed quality. Switching from simple growers to winemakers was not easy, but the experience handed down from father to son for several generations has helped us to understand which clusters to obtain the best quality wine, what were the most suitable times for the grape harvest, such as soils that were able to further enhance the physiological and vegetative-productive properties of the different cultivars. Producing fine grapes has thus become the cardinal principle from which to start to produce wines of excellent quality. Over time, wisdom, the will to learn and the goal of producing great wines have been recognized and rewarded. So today, the Vinci cellars can boast important awards obtained for the production of wines which, once tasted, can hardly be forgotten.